upper [up′ər]
[ME, compar. of up,UP1]
1. in a place or on a level above another [upper lip, upper jaw, upper floor]
2. higher in rank, authority, or dignity [the upper classes]
3. being farther north, farther inland, or at a higher elevation of land [the upper St. Lawrence]
4. [U-] Archaeol. Geol. more recent; later: used of a division of a period [Upper Cambrian, Upper Paleolithic ]
1. the part of a shoe or boot above the sole
2. Informal an upper berth, as in a Pullman car
3. [pl.] Informal the upper teeth or dentures
4. Slang any drug containing a stimulant; esp., an amphetamine
☆ on one's uppers Informal
in need or want: with reference to wearing shoes with worn-out soles

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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